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Cyber Security for the Small Business – Introduction

February 18, 2018



Let me start of the intro post by saying something you don’t want to hear – especially if you are a business owner or at least in charge of IT for your business. You WILL have a data breach within the next 5 years, if you haven’t already. That’s the first truth. The second is that you have probably already had a breach and don’t know it yet. According to*:


  • 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses

  • 14% of those can mitigate those attacks effectively

  • 60% of small businesses attached go out of business within 6 months of the attach

  • Close to ½ of breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent. The other ½ are Human Error or System Failure.


Normally when I tell business owners these statistics, I get a few different answers – only one of them good. First, let’s cover the normal responses.


“I don’t have any information that hackers want?”


Really? That’s interesting. You don’t have bank accounts, credit accounts, Intellectual property, customer lists, Employee records or maybe Customer financial information? Then you aren’t a business, or at least a profitable one.


“I’ll just shut my systems down and go back to pencil and paper.”


This one drives me crazy. My immediate response is – please try it. I’d love to see you do it. I’d love to see you go without email, accounting software, shared drives, etc. and stay in business for more than 6 months.


“My IT Provider tells me we are protected and I pay a lot of money for it”


Awesome. I’m impressed that you accept the fact that cyber security is not something to skimp on and is not something to take lightly. You said your IT provider “tells you” you are protected. What does that mean?

Have you and your provider sat down and developed a security plan with goals and time lines?

Have you developed and Incident Response Plan? Has that plan been tested recently?

Do you have 24x7 monitoring of your systems to know when a breach occurs?

If not, then your IT provider is flat out lying to you. A new firewall and strong passwords don’t protect you from a breach. That’s part of it, but a small, simple part.


How can I protect my business?

Over the course of the new few weeks, I will give you some good information on how to protect your business. We’ll discuss, in laymen’s terms, the major issues and how you can protect yourself, your business, your customer and your employees, without spending an arm and a leg to do it.


Cyber Security and Data Breach Protection is not hard, but an industry that changes daily requires experts who stay up to date on emerging threats and technologies to be sure that you are not one of the statistics above.


Please review the forthcoming posts, check out our Facebook or twitter account and share this information with your circle of influence. Better yet, if you are serious, give us a call and we can get you up to speed in less than an hour and help you develop a plan on protection and reaction.

*Small Business Trends – Jan 3, 2017

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