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Your Nephew May Know Computers, But he doesn't know Cyber Security

February 16, 2018


 I've been in the IT industry for a little over 20 years now and I've seen the trends. I started with an Apple IIe in my basement and learned a lot from personal research, reading and good old fashioned trial and error, but it drives me absolutely insane when a Client tells me their IT Security Provider is their nephew, niece, cousin, uncle, etc. 


First off, I have no problem with nepotism. I got my first job in this business through my father and without him, I'd probably be a Manager at McDonald's. Hire who you are comfortable with, someone you trust, but for God's sake - please hire an expert. 


Fixing a paper jam in the printer is fine for a novice, but do you really trust your sister's kid with your livelihood? Your businesses information, your data, is your livelihood. Making sure that information is backed up and protected is not a job for a family member who comes over after his real job. 


If you want to hire family - they MUST have a Security+ Certification, at least. It's easy to get - they can buy the book on Amazon. Hell, buy them the book, pay for the test (once they pass it of course). If you have already made this decision - give us a call and in 30 minutes we can perform a full network and security scan and give you a report of how your business is protected today. 




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