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Spoiler Alert - NO! In Today's episode, Matt discusses what GDPR is on a VERY low level and why it is in our Government's best interest NOT to take a cue from the European Union and try to protect our privacy from the hands that feed them. 

VPNFilter is in the news as one of the largest vulnerabilities in the recent months. While the list of effected devices has changed, the message is still the same. Matt talks about how to make sure that your home devices are safe and secure, and what to expect from you...

 Breach that made national news this week was MyHeritage, a DNA testing website who had their login credentials compromised. Matt gives them a small pass and discusses what you are actually sending to these sites and why it may be a bad idea.

"Malichi - He want's you too Malichi" - still one of the creepiest voices I remember as a child that haunts me today. Today's HOTW is the lovable Cloudpets which have FINALLY been pulled off the Market (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ebay).

These devices allowed hackers to ob...

Today we discuss a win for Privacy thanks to our friends at Apple. During their WWDC, Apple introduced their attempt at stopping sharing across multiple systems in order to put your privacy back in your own hands for 1/2 of the smart phone users out there. 

Today is the...

This weeks "Hack of the Week" is the Coca-Cola Companies and their SECOND data breach of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in 3 years.

This time is only includes 8000 employees at a subsidiary whose PII walked away on an external hard drive EIGHT MONTHS AGO. Of...

Don't freak out! Personal VPNs are simple, easy to use, cheap and a requirement for your personal privacy. This episode has some upgrades to the format and stay tuned next week for the new format Matt discussed. 

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