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Yes, another Education Hack - They are getting worse, but in this episode, Matt talks about a High School in MI that was hacked by students and why those students aren't as bad as the Superintendant and the local media are making them out to be.

In today's episode, Matthew talks about what Privacy is, what you can expect and how nothing is private online, unless you blindly trust "Big Data".

Matthew also shares a story about Alexa and how she's listening to everything you do, the FCC and the Commissioners stupi...

The Atlanta hack has exposed small and big governments to the liability of protecting our information. Atlanta's "Breach" is a lesson in stupidity, ignorance and all-out criminal negligence. The checkbook is still open and the PR firm hired has done a great job of keep...

As Promised, here is your BONUS, the 10 Apps you need to protect your information on your iPhone or Android (*Cough*). Check out the full list @

Protecting yourself from Ransomware is easy and anyone can do it. In this episode Matthew asks for your rate / review / subscribe and gives you a present for doing so - completely free by visiting The 3 things you need to do TODAY to ma...

This week Matt discusses the Baltimore 911 Breach and is suprised by what was done right. Unfortunately this hack could have been prevented. 

Email is one of the biggest threats to your Personal Information as well as your Business's Data Security. Learn how you can protect yours and what you need to watch out for in your mailbox so you Don't Get Hacked! 

Spotlight on a school district in MA that paid $10,000 in Bitcoin to get their systems operational again (after two weeks) and where we think they went wrong.

Learn the 5 tips to protect yourself on Facebook and how to evaluate if your company needs a Facebook presence

Episode 0 - The Introduction

Hear Matthew Williams, President & CEO of Blackbird Cyber Security Solutions, LLC explain his background, why he started this podcast and what you can expect by listening and subscribing to Don't Get Hacked!

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